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Shopping & Eating

Duty Free Shopping

Duty Free shopping is available for all departing and arriving passengers.  Duty free luxury items ranging from top brand perfumes, cosmetics, liquor, chocolates, and cigarettes to electronic equipment, wines, and much more may be purchased at competitive pricesFor an improved comfort and service for departing passengers, the departure duty free shop was relocated to a larger premise at the end of December 2012.  The new shop offers a wider choice of products with an enhanced shopping experience.  The opening hours are according to the published flight schedule.  The Rodrigues Duty Paradise Ltd (RDFP) may be contacted for further information.

Contact : 
Rodrigues Duty Free Paradise Ltd
Sir Gaetan Duval Airport
Plaine Corail
Telephone: +230 83 27 566
Fax: +230 83 27 964
Email: rdpf08@intnet.mu

Local Handicrafts and Arts

• Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority – SMEDA
The SMEDA shop offers local handicraft products for sale. Travelers may find items from Rodrigues and Mauritius. The SMEDA shop has been present at Sir Gaëtan Duval Airport since the opening of the new terminal building in November 2003. The shop operates under aegis of the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority.

The SMEDA outlet is located in the Public Concourse at the entrance of the Check-In Hall. Travelers are invited to visit the shop prior to checking-in. The opening hours are according to the published flight schedule.

Small and Medium Enterprises and Handicraft Development Authority
Telephone: +230 83 14 428/83 25 801
Fax:+230 83 15 446
Email: sehdarod@intnet.mu


The Island Books & Clothing bookshop is located in the Departure Waiting Area after Immigration and Cabin Baggage Security checkpoints.  The bookshop is accessible to only departing passengers. The bookshop has a range of books/magazines/novels in English and in French for all ages. Books on the Island of Rodrigues may be purchased there along with souvenir items.

Departing passengers may also refresh themselves over a hot or a cold drink and a snack at the b
ookshop. This is the only refreshment point in the Departure Area. The opening hours are according to the published flight schedule.

Island Books & Clothes
Port Mathurin
Telephone:+230 83 21 564
Fax:+ 230 83 21 564
Email: islandbkspot@gmail.com

Food Counter

A Food Counter is available in the Public Concourse for passengers and airport visitors on the ground floor of the terminal building. The Food Counter offers a wide range of cold and hot drinks. Hot meals, Pastries, Sandwiches and other dry foods are also available. The opening hours are according to the published flight schedule.