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Public Transport / Taxi Services

Public Transport

The Bus Stand for public transport is located at a 3 minutes’ walk from the Terminal Building, opposite the Plaine Corail Police Station. Buses operate between the airport and the main town Port Mathurin as from 06:00hrs, with the last bus leaving the airport public bus stand at 1630hrs. The duration of the journey is around 35 minutes along the Route de L’Autonomie with the itinerary below. The fare per adult for the whole trip is approximately Rs 29.00. 

• Plaine Corail Airport Bus Terminal
• Grand La Fouche Corail
• La Ferme
• Mangues
• Quatre Vents
• Petit Gabriel
• Malartic
• Malabar
• Mont Lubin
• Citronnelle
• Solitude
• Crève Cœur
• Port Mathurin - Bus Terminal 

Taxi Services
Taxi services are available from the car parking area for all scheduled flights. Travelers may be dropped anywhere around the island from the airport and vice versa. Taxis are identified by yellow signage on top of the vehicle and by a sticker on the front doors. Taxis may be in the form of pick-up trucks, cars or SUVs.

Shuttle Bus Service
A shuttle bus service from Sir Gaëtan Duval Airport to different parts of Rodrigues is available at the airport for each scheduled flight.  The fare is higher than for public transport but a door-to-door service is provided.